quiet august days

aniko is celebrating her blog's birthday
with this lovely giveaway!
jewelry spiders!

have a bon weekend my friends! x



august came very angry, with thunders and rain.

a few days ago
i made a little exchange with claudia,
a piece of her purple oxalis plant for some goodies :)
claudia also included a small print
of her lovely pink elephant!

for this month :)

wish you to have a lovely new month
and a relaxing weekend!


hot days of july

...and i am still enjoying a hot cup of tea... :)

a sweet little story behind this shop in etsy.

enjoy your tuesday evening! x


blog hop

so, lovely aniko/idle needle
invited me last week in a blog hop.

if you haven't already, hop at her blog
to check her fabric creations, second hand finds

below are four questions
i answered for the blog hop.

1. what am i working on?
for the moment i have a few little projects
in my mind i want to "bring to life".
lately i have worked with fabric
and created two bunnies as gifts for friends.
i need to improve my sewing and stiching
but little imperfections are part of handmade too ;)

2. how does my work differ from other's in its genre?
i think every crafter have their unique way to work
even if it's in the same field.
makes me happy i have created my own style through years
and it's, as i have been told, somehow recognisable.
i like simple forms, colors,
i try to experiment with different materials
and tend to make everything in small sizes :)

3. why do i create what i do?
i remember myself crafting from my childhood.
little presents for my family, like cards, small objects
or decorations for my room.
working as a graphic designer is creative by itself
but this out of work crafting is an opportunity
to express myself in other ways too.
when my work is appreciated from others too
is always a plus and a push to create more :)

4. how does my creative process work?
when a new idea pop's up
first there will be some hand or computer sketches
words with thoughts, then choosing the material
and finally finding the time to do the making of the idea.
of course the final object is formed sometimes
completely different from the original idea.
ideas come while walking or sitting in the bus,
listening to a song or watching a movie,
sometimes while working or even before falling asleep.

now i will pass the blog hop
at two of my favorite + creative bloggers
ladies you are welcome to take part if you wish.
the only rule is to share your blog hop posts next monday 28/7.

thank you aniko for the invitation
and thank all of you for reading my words!

a good new week!



weekend memories

first swim for the summer,
beautiful clouds,
sun masterpieces,
missie & mitzi are saying "hallo" :)

have a good new week!